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It's not always easy to watch your son or daughter try something new that makes them anxious—the first day of school, a first trip without mom/ dad, a new play date or first sleepover. How true that saying that we are only as happy as our least happy child. But we also know that letting our son or daughter adapt to new situations results in a happier and more confident child too. We at Huggalo believe that kids are empowered when they are given tools to comfort themselves. Huggalo dolls take a classic toy and add an innovative twist. Just slide a picture into a soft photo frame and you have a playmate and a transitional object all in one. High touch and low tech. No batteries. No gadgets. No noise. Just oodles of hugs and photo pride. So no matter the age, Huggalo helps you feel close to those you love and makes everyday that much more enjoyable and memorable.

If your business is still in infancy and there is no business credit profile created under your company, you better get moving. Probably the best method of getting trade lines is to start building a strong business credit report.

If you are wondering how lending institutions can verify information about your company or business, here is what you need to do: go to the IRS website and follow instructions in getting a federal EIN (Employee Identification Number), create an LLC, better known as the Limited Liability Company, to make sure that your company will be identified as an entity that is separate, make sure that business accounts in banks you liaise with are under your legal business name and lastly, ensure that your company is listed by having a business phone number in your company’s name.

If you have finished doing all the abovementioned steps, your company is now ready to be profiled for a business credit report in business credit reporting agencies. There are a lot to choose from like D & B or Experian or S & P or TransUnion. Try to get your company registered in as many agencies as possible. All business trades are going to be reported to these agencies and these will all be reflected in your business credit report. Always remember that whatever is in A majority of business owners and your business credit report will affect your business’ ability to request for an increase in your credit lines, get better terms on your loans and will even affect your ability to get approved of loan applications in the first place.

As for business credit scores, they are equally as important as the business credit report itself. Your company’s credit score should be independent from your personal credit score and by looking at your business credit score, lending institutions can immediately have an idea if you pay your debts and bills in a timely manner.

Both personal and business credit scores assist lending institutions predict if a person or business is a credit risk or not when looking to buy or sell their house fast. All credit agencies or bureaus have not divulged their formula for computing a credit score, but even so, there are ways that will ensure that your company’s business credit report will reflect the best scores that can be obtained for your business.


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