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Hugga-what? Hugga-who? ... Huggalo!

It's not always easy to watch your son or daughter try something new that makes them anxious—the first day of school, a first trip without mom/ dad, a new play date or first sleepover. How true that saying that we are only as happy as our least happy child. But we also know that letting our son or daughter adapt to new situations results in a happier and more confident child too. We at Huggalo believe that kids are empowered when they are given tools to comfort themselves. Huggalo dolls take a classic toy and add an innovative twist. Just slide a picture into a soft photo frame and you have a playmate and a transitional object all in one. High touch and low tech. No batteries. No gadgets. No noise. Just oodles of hugs and photo pride. So no matter the age, Huggalo helps you feel close to those you love and makes everyday that much more enjoyable and memorable.